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A Little Perspective…

A friend in the lab showed me this website today, so I thought I’d share. Just move the scroll bar at the bottom of the image to zoom in or out. It’s a really cool way to show just how … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize Winner For Cancer Research, Dr. Renato Dulbecco, Dies at 97

As I was setting up a plaque assay yesterday, a fellow lab member informed me that Dr. Renato Dulbecco, the man who first modified the procedure for use with animal viruses, died on Sunday at the age of 97. Plaque … Continue reading

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Big Love for Big Science?

With continued federal funding woes many researchers are forming science collectives to get their projects funded with collaborations that can involve huge numbers of scientists across disciplines. A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education touts some of the benefits … Continue reading

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Where Does the Money Go?

A recent issue of Scientific American published a breakdown of federal R&D spending in the US. There were not too many surprises regarding the government’s priorities with 50% of funding going toward defense and 25% going toward health and human … Continue reading

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Why science on TV NEEDS to be fake.

Like any other scientist I’m sure, I find myself watching tv shows like CSI or Bones saying “Pffft. That’s so fake.”. But if you think about it, there’s a reason that science on tv needs to be fake: watching someone do … Continue reading

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I Like Those Odds…

I’ve been thinking lately….it is rare that a paper comes along that truly captures my interest and has the potential for direct impact on my life. Oh sure there’s the occasional creation of synthetic life blurb or a cute little … Continue reading

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Apparently, Nature doesn’t nurture.

The University of California  may be throwing down the gauntlet and declaring war on the Nature Publishing Group (NPG). In addition to the Nature-branded publications, the NPG includes the EMBO Journal and Scientific American among its impressive list of 67 … Continue reading

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