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Another day…

I’ve been there…

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Who Needs a PhD When I Could Be a Face Yoga Instructor?!

Ooops! Looks like I’ve been a little slack with the posting lately! There’s a couple in the works but I’m bogged down with fellowship applications (keep your fingers crossed for me!). In the meantime, I know we’re all freaking about … Continue reading

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How to F@*! Up An Experiment: A Thought-by-Thought Personal Account

It started out simply enough. I wanted to know if the treatment I’m applying to cells was increasing cell death. No problem. That’s easy enough. I’ll just use a live/dead stain. Disaster thought #1: “Ah yes, this stain of unknown age/origin … Continue reading

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A Funny.

Tee hee! Here’s a funny for you, check out more comics at Savage Chickens…

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Gone Drinkin’

All right folks, I’m heading back East tonight to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style on Thursday, a tradition we’ve kept going for 7 (8??) years now! So in honor of early St Patrick’s Day, here’s a beer post from … Continue reading

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Most Beautiful Girl in the Lab

Hey, this song’s about me! I’m still working on a post so you can tide yourselves over with this amusing video that I saw on another blog (Canadian GirlPostdoc in America – see link on side). Bonus points for such … Continue reading

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Why science on TV NEEDS to be fake.

Like any other scientist I’m sure, I find myself watching tv shows like CSI or Bones saying “Pffft. That’s so fake.”. But if you think about it, there’s a reason that science on tv needs to be fake: watching someone do … Continue reading

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