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Padding Your CV: Worth The Effort?

We’re struggling constantly with the pressure of publish or perish, but how beneficial is it to pad your CV? I came across an article about “Publication alternatives: thinking outside the bench”, which offers some suggestions on how to publish through … Continue reading

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Big Love for Big Science?

With continued federal funding woes many researchers are forming science collectives to get their projects funded with collaborations that can involve huge numbers of scientists across disciplines. A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education touts some of the benefits … Continue reading

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Where Does the Money Go?

A recent issue of Scientific American published a breakdown of federal R&D spending in the US. There were not too many surprises regarding the government’s priorities with 50% of funding going toward defense and 25% going toward health and human … Continue reading

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Future Faculty #2: Job Applications, Interviews, Talks and Negotiations

Due to the overwhelming response from my last post [sarcasm] I thought I’d better publish the update from this week’s Future Faculty ASAP!!! This week was all about the steps taken by search committees to seek out candidates, asses fit … Continue reading

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Future Faculty #1: What types of faculty positions are out there?

I have been crazy busy desperately trying to finish fellowship applications so it seemed like the perfect time to work on a blog post! First, a reminder. Followed by a disclaimer. Then the post. If you want, you can skip … Continue reading

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Response to Reviewers

Ahhhh. Playing the game in science. The differences between what we want to say and what we do say. Take for example your response to reviewers. Often what we would like to say goes something like this, Dear Fuckwit, I … Continue reading

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Canada Joins the Fight

In a little update to my “Apparently Nature Doesn’t Nurture” post, it would seem that Canada has joined the fight against journal subscription fee increases. The University of PEI has locked horns with Web of Science over a proposed 120% … Continue reading

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