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A Little Perspective…

A friend in the lab showed me this website today, so I thought I’d share. Just move the scroll bar at the bottom of the image to zoom in or out. It’s a really cool way to show just how … Continue reading

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Science Careers┬áhave started an interesting series of articles designed to help early career scientists (postdocs and grad students) identify and meet their career objectives at a time when it can be easy to feel lost in the post-PhD wilderness. In … Continue reading

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What Salary Buys Happiness?

This article came across my inbox today and, while interesting, it’s more than a little depressing. Apparently there is nowhere in the country that one can be happy on a postdoc’s salary. Sigh….poor life decision #145…..

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This Is Why I Don’t Watch The News…

Sometimes I get so frustrated with the evening news that I can barely watch! Usually, this is due to basic errors that reveal a general lack of fact checking. While those at the news may not think its important to … Continue reading

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Another day…

I’ve been there…

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Micro Empire

Cool video showing even a drop of water can be teeming with life…

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Informational Interviewing: Tips To Make The Most Of It

A friend and I are going through the same thing right now; trying to identify the Next Step in our careers. It’s a daunting process and one that I should be approaching more diligently. I’m starting to realize however, that … Continue reading

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