Science Careers have started an interesting series of articles designed to help early career scientists (postdocs and grad students) identify and meet their career objectives at a time when it can be easy to feel lost in the post-PhD wilderness.

In “You Need A Game Plan“, Science Careers introduces the new web tool myIDP, to help us lost souls construct an Individual Development Plan. I think it sounds like a fantastic and empowering idea, particularly for those whose PI lacks the time or the desire to actively mentor.

When you first register for the website you’re greeted with an overview of what the site hopes to help you achieve:

myIDP guides you through 4 steps to construct your IDP; 1. assessing your skills and interests, 2. exploring and evaluating career opportunities, 3. setting specific goals, and 4. putting your plan in action. I’m assuming that, as this was the first article in a series, future articles will help to guide us through the website and the process.

I’ve already signed up, and I plan on following update articles and working through the steps on myIDP over the next several weeks. I’ll try to post updates as appropriate, maybe as the new articles come out from Science Careers. So….who else is up for giving it a try??

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