Zombie Apocalypse: The CDC Makes Sure You’re Prepared

After the CDC got rave reviews for their blog encouraging preparedness for a zombie apocalypse (and other disasters) they’re back with a graphic novel on the same subject. I love the idea of using pop culture to get people to pay attention to real issues and educational campaigns.

For those of us who might end up in a teaching position one day, it certainly bears remembering. During grad school I was the TA for a class that had a “design a virus” question for the final exam. Students were told certain things about the virus, where it went in the cell, what pathways it shut down, etc. Then, working with what they’d learned about viruses throughout the year, students were asked to define the features of this virus (RNA vs DNA genome, replication strategies, proteins encoded, etc). I always thought it would be a great idea to have the students design the T virus from Resident Evil as a practice question for the exam. Kids today love zombies! Of course, as usual I got distracted by other things and never ended up doing that, but that’s neither here nor there…

Anyhoo, I guess all I wanted to say is good job CDC!

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