Blowing Minds.

Seed Magazine posted an interesting article in April in which they asked several eminent scientists the same question:

Imagine that in a mission to change everyone’s thinking about the world, you can take only one lesson from your field as a guide. In a single statment, what would it be?

Viruses constantly astound me with their ingenuity. Through millions of years of co-evolution they have ‘learned’ far more about the cell and its functions than we could ever imagine. For every pathway in the cell, somewhere there is a virus that subverts it. And yet, all this fancy maneuvering is really just to accomplish the same basic tasks of replication, spread and survival, and is accomplished with the same basic tools (nucleic acids and proteins). With this in mind, my statement would be;

There are very few building blocks of life, but infinite ways to use them. 

What would your statement be? Don’t be a creeper! Post a comment!

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2 Responses to Blowing Minds.

  1. “You learn more by being wrong than you do by being right. And often the more times you’re wrong, the more right you can be.”
    I’m not a scientist, but that’s my lesson from the working world. Embracing mistakes and the possibility of failure opens you up to trying more and thus learning more. No one can predict the future, but the more experiences you have messing up, the more likely you’ll be able to call it right the next time.

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