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Blowing Minds.

Seed Magazine posted an interesting article in April in which they asked several eminent scientists the same question: Imagine that in a mission to change everyone’s thinking about the world, you can take only one lesson from your field as … Continue reading

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The Illustrated Guide to a PhD

I think I’ve seen this before, but came across it again recently and thought I’d share. I know some people who struggle with the supposed futility of scientific research. The minutia and likelihood that their research will never directly contribute … Continue reading

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Ebola – False Alarm!

Well, if vague internet sources are to be believed the Ebola outbreak in Uganda seems to have petered out before it really began with just the one original confirmed case back on May 6. While of course it’s good that … Continue reading

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Meme me!

Tee hee, saw this on another blog, tried it and it really works! Start with any wikipedia article, anything at all. Then click the first link not in parantheses. Keep doing this and you will eventually get to “Philosophy”. For … Continue reading

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