I’ll teach you in a minute….

A new study outlined in Science finds that postdocs can be trained to be more effective than traditional lecturers at teaching course material. For 1 week of a course a class was split in half to test the effectiveness of the method of teaching. A postdoc was trained in a specific educational approach that makes the student do the work then taught half the class while, simultaneously, a traditional lecture continued to teach the other half.

The verdict? Kids both did better on testing and preferred the new method of teaching. Good for them.

What I get out of it? Oh good lord, now that the universities have figured out they can get postdocs to do all the lectures they can just stop hiring faculty all-together. Just get the postdocs to keep doing all the benchwork then have them do all the lecturing too and keep paying ’em peanuts!

HA! Good scam…. 😉

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