Land of Talk/Besnard Lakes

I was super pysched to go see Land of Talk last night and a band that I hadn’t heard myself but had heard a lot about, Besnard Lakes. Besnard Lakes first.

Besnard Lakes

What’s the emoticon for sticking out your tongue and making a loud raspberry noise? Because I was completely underwhelmed by their show. They had a strike against them to start with in that I just can’t seem to get into that repetitive classic rock kind of sound. To their credit, it seemed like they were really¬†trying to get into it but the first bout of … er … scattered … applause suggested that I was not alone in my feeling of ‘meh’ness. Now don’t get me wrong, dude can sing (even if it did sometimes remind me a little of Conan O’Brien’s “In the year 2000” skit), but it takes more than singing in key. Perhaps it was just that I was overwhelmingly distracted by the fact that the lead singer reminded me very much of a certain deaf, dumb and blind kid who sure plays a mean pinball. Perhaps it was the gratuitous use of fog machine and light box effects. Or perhaps it’s the fact that they are just less than awesome. I also found it really distracting that the lead singer kept rushing on stage throughout Land of Talk’s set to sing random backup vocals. Either keep off the stage or stay and actually back them up! My room mate helped to slightly soften my opinion of the lead singer by informing me that he apparently produced the Land of Talk album, but I still just didn’t like Besnard Lakes.


Land of Talk

And now on to people more deserving of my blogging, like Land of Talk! Fan. Tas. Tic. Elizabeth Powell has an amazing smooth yet scratchy voice that pulls me in every time. Prior to the show I’d only listened to their album “Some Are Lakes” with gems like “It’s Okay” on it, and was unsure if the band would be able to live up to my expectations live. But they absolutely did. The vocals still came through clearly even when rocking out, and despite very little audience interaction Land of Talk put on a great show. I purchased the newest release, “Cloak and Cipher” at the show and, though I haven’t listened to it much yet, a quick perusal reveals that it doesn’t disappoint. I’m sometimes leery about going to see bands where much of the appeal for me lies in the vocals, but Powell delivers and makes Land of Talk a must-see, two thumbs up band.


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One Response to Land of Talk/Besnard Lakes

  1. Suzer says:

    I love Land of Talk. I’ve never had the opportunity to see them live, but glad to here they meet the hype

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