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Future Faculty #2: Job Applications, Interviews, Talks and Negotiations

Due to the overwhelming response from my last post [sarcasm] I thought I’d better publish the update from this week’s Future Faculty ASAP!!! This week was all about the steps taken by search committees to seek out candidates, asses fit … Continue reading

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Future Faculty #1: What types of faculty positions are out there?

I have been crazy busy desperately trying to finish fellowship applications so it seemed like the perfect time to work on a blog post! First, a reminder. Followed by a disclaimer. Then the post. If you want, you can skip … Continue reading

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Why science on TV NEEDS to be fake.

Like any other scientist I’m sure, I find myself watching tv shows like CSI or Bones saying “Pffft. That’s so fake.”. But if you think about it, there’s a reason that science on tv needs to be fake: watching someone do … Continue reading

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That Really Rots Me….

Back from vacation and time to get back to the serious issues that face us as academics. Namely, the possibility (nay, probability!) of a zombie apocalypse. The recent article “7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail Quickly” has … Continue reading

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