Holy Fuck.

That is both the name of the band I saw last night and my commentary on their show.

I can now definitively say that I heart Brian Borcherdt. A friend introduced me to his solo work and The Remains of Brian Borcherdt Vol. 1 was quickly added to the list of albums that I listen to on repeat, ad nauseam. With songs like Motel and 1000x The Remains… is just the right mix of moody and honest. It satisfies for my adult angst what Hayden satisfied for my teenage angst. Perfect for staring out a train window on the morning commute. A quick google search of Brian Borcherdt clearly showed that I was behind the times and that everyone else already knew and loved him. I’d heard of Holy Fuck but had never actually listened to any of their music so I looked them up when I saw that Borcherdt is a founding member. Boy was I surprised.

Photo by Norman Wong (from http://www.myspace.com/holyfuck)

While Borcherdt’s solo work has a thoughtful and introspective acoustic feel, Holy Fuck can only be described as an exuberant explosion of sound. Falling under the categories of electronica and experimental, Holy Fuck’s music is completely danceable without being “dance music”. It’s the amazing success in two completely contrasting musical genres that earned Borcherdt his nomination for heart status in my books and last night’s Holy Fuck show at The Independent in San Francisco that clinched it for me. Maintaining high energy throughout the show Holy Fuck performed all my favourites and added nice live touches without turning their songs into long trance-type bores. The highlight for me was their performance of Lovely Allen and since I can’t figure out how to imbed video, you’ll just have to satisfy yourselves with the picture below.

Holy Fuck @ The Independent, SF

Long story short: Holy Fuck is deserving of their name. Check them out if you haven’t already!

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